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MiniWaters – Wholesale Vivarium Life to the Pet Trade

Begonia Boyfriend - that is one sexy plant!

MiniWater’s vivarium plant offerings are *currently* wholesale only; we strongly believe in supporting the independent pet retailers, whenever possible. Our retail partners know that we only offer things at retail if we can’t sell them wholesale, and we’ll never undercut a retailer with a lower retail price online. So, someday, maybe yes, retail plants could […]

Why MiniWaters Vivarium Plants?

Congratulations! If you found your way here after purchasing a MiniWaters vivarium plant, this is the page where you’ll learn everything about how we produce our plants and the transparent philosophy behind why we call them Safe, Clean, and Trustworthy. Why did a fish hatchery, wholesaler, and retailer, start growing vivarium life? In the fall […]

MiniWaters 2018 Fall Update

This update was originally sent to our wholesale customers, but so much has been going on here at that I feel compelled to share this with everyone. A lot has been going on this summer. Time for a big, rambling update! AMAZONAS Magazine Many of you now know that myself, along with lead partner […]

So You Want To Start A Fish Breeding Business?

Poecilia reticulata "Japanese Blue Guppy" STG

I received a rather interesting customer inquiry tonight, looking for Japanese Blue Guppies which we have listed on the site. Unfortunately they’re not in production here, and my breeding partners aren’t producing them either lately. What followed was a question basically asking “hey, do you know where I can get them?” and the sentiment that […]

So is MiniWaters “Expensive”?

We must be rolling in it! Image by Tracy O. - CC BY-SA 2.0

We must be rolling in it! Image by Tracy O. – CC BY-SA 2.0 Right off the bat, straight up, while I don’t ever want to be “cheap”, I don’t believe for a moment that MiniWaters.FISH is “expensive”. And I can prove it. Rumors, rumors, rumors. It was recently put to me by a good […]

Go Big and Go Home

I always get disappointed when an order inquiry comes in from states that border our oceans…east, west, or southern coast, you’re all about as far away from MiniWaters as one could get. Unfortunately, this means I’m often coming back to you with a shipping quote from FedEx that is high (even after the deep discounts […]