Amphiprion percula “Addison’s Quest” Clownfish


A unique new gene in Amphprion percula, the “Addison’s Quest” may look like Picasso at first glance, but it behaves differently in breeding. Interesting in its own right, the Addison’s Quest gene could also be useful raw material for the creation of new designer clownfishes.

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The “Addison’s Quest” variation of Amphiprion percula likely represents the discovery of a new mutant gene, which was isolated by Mitch May of Booyah’s Reef, descending from the “C-Quest Line” of Onyx Percula. Addison’s Quest Percula Clownfish have subtle to wild deviation from the normal vertical barring pattern of Amphiprion percula. The level of patterning varies, with some fish showing very little and some even showing what appears to be normal, standard barring on one of the two flanks.  The more extremely patterned fish may have swirls, horizontal lines, or even added spots of white on the flank.  All “Addison’s Quests” have the ability to display “Onyx” coloration as well, and typically they are shipped with full black flanks.  Some may have black spiny portions of the dorsal fine as well.

Based on the reports of May, Addison’s Quest, as a mutation gene, likely behaves in a similar fashion the Snowflake gene in Amphiprion ocellaris.  May reports the following breeding results:

Addison’s Quest X Onyx Percula = 50/50 of the same.
Addison’s Quest X Addison’s Quest = 66% Addison’s Quest, 33% Onyx Percula.

The clinching proof that the Addison’s Quest genetic is not the Picasso gene was found when May reported the results of Addison’s Quest X Picasso Percula; 0% Platinums in the offspring.  We won’t tell you what he did get at this time however…we’ll leave that to Booyah!

On standard offerings Addison’s Quest, we do not offer grading at this time. A random selection of available stock is what is sent. For purchases of multiple fish, we will attempt to select a range of patterning levels, as possible. All fish sold as “Addison’s Quest” will exhibit some level of atypical bar shape on at least one flank, and all are believed to carry the Addison’s Quest genetic, although we do not guarantee the genetic make-up. Watch for WYSIWYG offerings if you want to select the “exact” fish so you are not in any way disappointed.

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