Corydoras sp. C123 “Yellow Cory Catfish”


Corydoras sp. C123, the “Yellow Corydoras Catfish”, is an undescribed stunner from the Rio Nanay in Peru. I have to say, you can consider this listing a WYSIWYG for now, as I only have one solitary invididual to offer; of the 12 I obtained over a year ago, all but this one died in short order! It’s a gorgeous fish, I’d say probably a male. I’ve been waiting to see if more would come around at a time when I could purchase them, possibly to try to breed them, but so far, the stars have not aligned for me. They are out there…there’s an interesting article on breeding Corydoras sp. C123 by Don Kinyon at the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society (PVAS) website. Learn more below:

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