Scartella cristata “Molly Miller Blenny”, Captive Bred


The captive-bred Molly Miller Blenny, Scartella cristata, has it all. Hardy to a fault, they are an ideal captive-bred “cleanup-crew” all rolled up in an under-appreciated but beautiful package. Molly Miller Blennies have been documented to eat detritus, pest algae, and yes, even Aiptasia! Kenneth Wingerter’s comprehensive article on the Molly Miller Blenny gives you a complete rundown of all this species has going for it.

Molly Millers are wide ranging – not exactly global, but found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Mediterranean. It turns out, the Molly Miller Blenny is even sexually dimorphic and sexually dichromatic. This means I can attempt to offer them in pairs! It is worth noting however that males may even mate with multiple females too! In my opinion, males are more attractive than females.

In a small tank, it’d probably be best to have either a single or mated pair…but in larger aquariums several can probably be housed together in a colony where they’ll each stake out their own home territories.  We get Molly Millers in a mix of sizes, but they all cost the same. I will be happy to accommodate your special requests wherever possible; selecting “Possible Pair” will get you my best effort to pick a male and female from the available fish, but I cannot *guarantee* them to be a pair.

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