Zebrasoma flavescens “Yellow Tang”, Captive-Bred


The real deal – captive-bred Yellow Tangs, Zebrasoma flavescens. These F1 fish are the first captive-bred tangs in the world, spawned, hatched and reared at the Oceanic Institute at Hawaii Pacific University. They are not “perfect”, in this second batch there are minimal signs of HLLE or epithelial thinning. Most fish from the first group in 2016 have fully recovered. All captive-bred tangs are “graded” subjectively, and all are sold as-is with no health guarantee (again, note the possible HLLE). Overall fin condition has improved as well when compared to the first group. “Best In Tank” literally means the best out of the fish I have to offer.  “Regular” is the general average of the actual group on hand and may show some fin damage or other imperfections.  “Scratch & Dent” fish are reserved for those which have major flaws, for example completely missing or multiple missing fins and/or major fin deformations.

Do NOT confuse these with “tank-raised” Yellow Tangs, which are simply fish that are harvested at near settlement or as tiny juveniles and then grown out to market size. See below for further information.

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