MiniWaters.FISH also makes aquarium fish and livestock available to brick and mortar local fish shops, breeders, aquarium maintenance companies and online retailers. Learn how to establish a wholesale account.

Long before MiniWaters.FISH was launched, I made a strong commitment to supplying retailers with exceptional wholesale aquarium fish and aquarium livestock that their customers often couldn’t find anywhere else. My years of experience working the retail aquarium industry allowed me to help my retail customers market fishes and become more profitable.

Why not wholesale only then?

The reality is that I cannot expect a shop to offer and market, say, a $2600 F1 Lightning Maroon Clownfish, or a $750 all-white juvenile “Ultra” Lighting Maroon. You, the LFS, may not be willing to invest a large lump sum, say $250 (wholesale) into a single unique fish that may, or may not, sell in your shop. I get it.

That’s why MiniWaters.FISH’s retail offerings had to happen; a $2600 fish still needs to find a home. That said, these fish, and many other special items, are often available to wholesale customers. If your retail customer sees it here and wants to buy it through your shop, I’d love to support that.

As noted elsewhere on this site, “The last thing I’m going to do is offer the same fish at wholesale to a shop, and then sell directly to their customers online at a price point below where a local fish shop needs their prices to be. In other words, our retail fishes are priced in a manner that should allow our wholesale customers to BEAT our online pricing with ease.”

Wholesale Inquiries

Brick & Mortar retailers are welcome to establish a wholesale account with MiniWaters. Breeders, Service Companies, and Online Retailers are considered on a case-by-case basis. Direct all wholesale inquiries to; please include the appropriate business credentials and references. We reserve the right to refuse sales or service to any potential customer.

Minimum Orders

Wholesale purchases generally require a minimum order of $200, but accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire to discuss.


We do not offer credit to wholesale customers; orders must be paid for in advance. I offer wholesale customers the same great DOA, refund, and shipping cost policies that I extend to my retail online shoppers.