Placing Your Order

How to place your order with www.MiniWaters.FISH

  1. Add your desired items to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. No payment is due at the time of checkout (don’t look for a way to pay…there isn’t one there)!
  2. Shipping estimates based on your purchase will then be provided.
  3. You look at your shipping options:
    • If you don’t like your shipping options, we cancel the order, no hard feelings.
    • Otherwise, you select your desired option (if there’s more than one), and a final total will be presented.
  4. You pay your invoice total (generally via PayPal to
  5. Your orders shows up when it’s scheduled to (provided the carriers do their part)!

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Can Your Elaborate?

Certainly! As outlined in greater detail on the Shipping & Terms Page, I only charge actual shipping costs, which requires an actual estimate of your order shipping to your location. I’ve had people qualify to get a pair of Lightning Maroons shipped overnight for $5, and yet I’ve had someone else’s address come back with a $150 estimate for 1 clownfish shipped across the country. Some fish require overnight shipping, others don’t.  So to give you the best value, I have to personally calculate all your options. This is far easier than trying to automate the purchase and payment process online.

So add what you want into your shopping cart and go through the checkout process. NO PAYMENT is accepted or due at the time of checkout; there is actually no avenue for you to pay, and that is by design. You are under no obligation to complete your order at this point of the process. Completing your order through the website collects the information I need, and takes your selections out of inventory (so no one else can buy them). 

Once your order is received, I will personally get you the appropriate shipping estimates and options based on the contents of your order. I will relay the shipping estimate and/or options to you via email, at which point you have the option to make a selection and complete your purchase, or to decline and cancel your order without any penalty or hard feelings! I do simply ask for a timely response – I may elect to cancel your order if I’ve not heard a response within 72 hours of your order being placed.

Only once we’ve come to an agreement on shipping options and shipping date does your order become due, at which point you’ll have a final total invoice amount, including shipping. Payment is then due, which I normally accept via PayPal payments sent to Alternate payment methods can be discussed, but they may delay the fulfillment of your order.

Please review the full terms and policies, as you are bound by these terms with your paid order. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally.

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