Adding a new product to the website? To photograph, edit, write, upload, publish, it’s probably 30-60 minutes of work! But to add a new product to our wholesale list, I just add a line to a spreadsheet, type a few words, and it’s done.

The reality is that our offerings are much deeper than what you’ll ever see on our retail website. Wholesale customers always get “first crack” at new things due to our mission and ethos (supporting independent pet retailers first and foremost), but we’re going to try something new. Now everyone can see our wholesale list, just without pricing. If you see something you want that’s on there, but not available on the website, I can absolutely add it to any order if it’s in stock. Just email to discuss your desires and I’ll get you retail pricing!

View Our Wholesale List, Just Without Pricing

Download MiniWaters Full Availability, No Prices

Wholesale Inquiries

If you have a legitimate retail operation, view our wholesale inquiries page to learn more about becoming a MiniWaters wholesale customer.