Welcome to U of MW, a place where random ideas coalesce into insights and knowledge you can use. I may author a 10-page email response to someone, and it may be worthwhile to publish it here for others to consider and enjoy. And sometimes, it’s just about the news of what’s going on here at www.MiniWaters.fish.
What happened to MiniWaters in 2023?

When May 2023 rolled around, I was in the mindset of "time to turn on the website" when the unthinkable happened. James Lawrence, the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of CORAL Magazine, unexpectedly [...]

Winter Shipping – What Do Your Plants and Animals Experience?

Heading into the winter of 2020/2021, I decided to up our shipping game yet again. Many years ago, I conducted shipping tests as well as participated in shipping trials with other [...]

MiniWaters – Wholesale Vivarium Life to the Pet Trade

MiniWater’s vivarium plant offerings are *primarily* wholesale only; we strongly believe in supporting the independent pet retailers, whenever possible. Our retail partners know that we only offer things at retail if [...]

Why MiniWaters Vivarium Plants?

Congratulations! If you found your way here after purchasing a MiniWaters vivarium plant, this is the page where you’ll learn everything about how we produce our plants and the transparent philosophy [...]

MiniWaters 2018 Fall Update

This update was originally sent to our wholesale customers, but so much has been going on here at MiniWaters.fish that I feel compelled to share this with everyone. A lot has [...]

Captive Bred Yellow Tang Update

An update on one of the first ever available captive-bred Yellow Tangs, from MiniWaters.fish customer Matt Deyoe.

So You Want To Start A Fish Breeding Business?

I received a rather interesting customer inquiry tonight, looking for Japanese Blue Guppies which we have listed on the site. Unfortunately they’re not in production here, and my breeding partners aren’t [...]

Time To Make Good – Captive Bred Jackknifes are back!

If we don’t promote and sell fishes like these Captive-bred Jackknifes, I just see a future where a company like Proaquatix would stop producing them, and that’s not a future I [...]

So is MiniWaters “Expensive”?

We must be rolling in it! Image by Tracy O. – CC BY-SA 2.0 Right off the bat, straight up, while I don’t ever want to be “cheap”, I don’t believe [...]

Go Big and Go Home

I always get disappointed when an order inquiry comes in from states that border our oceans…east, west, or southern coast, you’re all about as far away from MiniWaters as one could [...]

Captive-Bred Yellow Tangs, Zebrasoma flavescens, Have Arrived!

That rather surreal moment when you watch your first shoal of 5 captive-bred Yellow Tangs in your own tank. This moment of zen wouldn’t be possible without the groundbreaking work of [...]

Question – Can You Get Me Mandarins?

Absolutely I can get you Mandarin Dragonets. Whether I *should* be the one to get them for you or not is another story.

Packing A MiniWaters.FISH Shipment via SpeeDee Delivery

A quick look at how an expensive pair of clownfish gets the royal treatment when being shipped overnight via SpeeDee Delivery.