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Sahyadria denisonii “Roseline Shark” aka. Denison Barb (captive-bred)


I remember first seeing the “Roseline Shark” (Denison Barb)…and the commensurate retail price tag at the time, and realizing that here was a freshwater fish on par with some of the higher end saltwater Anthias!  Thankfully they’re not nearly as expensive as they once were.

These are peaceful, active schoolers that reach about 4 to 4.5″ in size and arguably deserve an aquarium of at least 50 or so gallons upon maturity. Over-collection for the aquarium trade and habitat degradation have caused this species to be listed on the IUCN Redlist as Endangered; it’s my opinion that there is justification for purchasing this species as wild-caught, the general exception being for broodstock purposes.

“Tiny” is the smallest I’ve seen these to date; around 1-1.25″, showing juvenile coloration. Small juveniles offered here do not yet show full adult coloration, and are currently around 1.5-2″. Medium individuals are generally around 3″ and show more color.  Large fish are adults, at 4″ or larger. Price fluctuates with availability during the year; pricing simply reflects the investment in the fish at any given moment.

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