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Meiacanthus oualanensis “Canary Blenny”, Captive Bred


The Canary Blenny, Meiacanthus oualanensis, is a member of the “Fang Blennies”, a group of free-swimming venomous Blennies that are often difficult to keep as wild-caught fish, but are almost ubiquitously cultured and available as captive-bred fishes often for substantially lower prices than wild-caught counterparts. The Canary Blenny stands apart as a striking solid yellow fish with a forked yellow lyretail. Their elongate body and finnage make for graceful, active additions to reef tanks.  The Canary Blenny would make a great addition to a Fijian biotope aquarium, which could also house the wonderfully vibrant “Sunburst” Pink Skunk Clownfish, also a Fiji native.

All Fang Blennies benefit from frequent small feedings throughout the day. The bite of a Fang Blenny is suggested to be similar to a bee-sting; take appropriate precautions when handling this fish.

The size of juvenile Fang Blennies varies, but the fish available are generally between 1.25″ and 2″ in length, sometimes more. If you have specific size requests or concerns, please include them with your order.

Word to the wise – I’ve found all Fang Blennies to be consummate jumpers. Tight fitting lids with little to no gaps are ideal. Put them in open-top tanks at your own risk!

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