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Sphaeramia nematoptera “Pajama Cardinalfish”, Captive Bred


The Pajama Cardinalfish, Sphaeramia nematoptera, is one of those quintessential beginner fish for saltwater hobbyists that stands the test of time. Their unique appearance, peaceful schooling nature, and crazy color pattern make them perennial favorites in the marine aquarium hobby; they’re often the subject of many top-10 type lists. Plus, they have this crazy mouthbrooding mating behavior. Of course, a handful of aquarium hobbyists and public aquarists, and at least two commercial ornamental marine fish hatcheries, have cracked the code of of captive-breeding the Pajama Cardinalfish. And of course, that’s what I’m offering here today; captive-bred Pajama Cardinals. Take note of the size being offered; this listing is for medium fish, not young tiny ones, but closer to half-dollar body sizes.

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