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Wetmorella nigropinnata “Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse”


Wetmorella nigropinnata, the Yellow Banded or Sharpnosed Possum Wrasse, is a small, peaceful reef-safe wrasse that maxes out at only 3 inches.  They have reputations as being shy and secretive, and are potentially difficult shippers.  They are also suggested to be more finnicky feeders, preferring to graze your live rock for small crustacean life. Interestingly, this is a wrasse that doesn’t bury itself in the substrate at night, instead taking refuge in your rockwork. Foods such as enriched adult frozen brine shrimp and copepods are good first offerings. Many people have asked whether they can be kept together; while holding our first group of 3 here in a 10 gallon quarantine tank, we had no issues with any sorts of aggression, although some sources suggest that males might not be compatible.

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