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Begonia Gryphon


Begonia Gryphon is a rhizomatous begonia hybrid that honestly, can get rather huge, with leaves up to 10″ across, heights of 18″ or more, and very thick cane-like rhizomes that easily can be 1″ in diameter as the plant matures! Thankfully, it takes time to get there in vivarium culture where it is not fertilized, and can easily be pruned back to whatever size you prefer. Leaf color is highly variable; high light tends to push the plant towards reddish or brownish leaves, while low light will bring out deeper greens. Silver patterning is also highly variable; leaves produced indoors appear very different than on the same plant grown outdoors.

NOTE – 2″ cups will be 1 rhizome generally with 2-4 leaves. The large plant shown in the teal pot is representative of a two-year-old plant in a 12″ (1-foot!) pot, heavily fertilized, and is NOT what will be sent!

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