Solanum sp. ‘Ecuador’


Solanum sp. ‘Ecuador’ is a beautiful and different-looking creeping vine that does very well in vivarium settings. The opening plant in the photo? That was the WORST and SMALLEST one we had when taking the plant photos. So we’re pricing our Solanum sp. ‘Ecuador’ like a 3-4″ cutting (which currently sell other places from $20 to $33), and expect that; that’s our bare minimum.

Our hope is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you get a 2″ pot with one or more well-rooted, actively-growing leads (I mean, the one in the photo has more than 4, and that was the smallest). A total drama queen in shipment, This and other Solanums may drop all their leaves and play dead (this is normal, not a DOA), but they do bounce back and can grow quite rapidly if conditions are to their liking. Of course, ours are already rooted and potted, not a cutting, so you’re already ahead of the game when it comes to any recovery time needed.

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