Cichla kelberi “Kelberi Peacock Bass”


When looking for a good fish to consume culls in our fishroom, I knew what I needed once I saw the Kelberi Peacock Bass, Cichla kelberi. Now, these aren’t for everyone; they are true monster fishes, although Cichla kelberi is in the running as being one of the smallest (if not the smallest) species of Peacock Bass. Fishbase puts their max size at 11″; generally speaking, that means some individuals will be smaller, and fish larger will be rare. Kelberi Peacock Bass are also one of the most attractive in my opinion, developing yellow and black spotted fins, and sometimes that spangled pattern on the body as well, as they mature. The amount of pattern varies between individuals and strains. Males in particular can develop a large nuchal hump. The fish in the first photo here is a roughly 5-6″ juvenile. Learn more about our Kelberi Peacock Bass below:

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