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Apistogramma borellii “Opal” Umbrella Dwarf Cichlid


Apistogramma are just wonderful dwarf cichlids, and the “Opal Borellii”, Apistogramma borellii “Opal”, is a popular and stunning one suitable for the newcomer to Apistos. Males max out at just over 2.5 inches in length, females 2″. Also called the “Umbrella Cichlid” given its sail-like dorsal fin, this is just hands down one of the prettier Apistos in the market. As with all Apistos, they’ll prefer softer, acidic water, but as captive-bred fish, they’ll be far more tolerant than wild-caught counterparts.

The specimens offered at this time are TINY. Eg. 0.5″ tiny. “Juveniles” hardly describes them, some might still call them FRY! But, with that small size, comes a very small price! See below for a great video of adults.

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