Premnas biaculeatus “Lightning Maroon Clownfish”, Compatible Pair, F1, WYSIWYG


This is a WYSIWYG offering. These is the EXACT fish being offered.

I’ve been holding back small numbers of pairs of F1 offspring from the Lightning Maroon for some time now; as it turns out, this pair represents two somehow unscathed fish that survived out of a small tank of juveniles that constantly beat on each other, leaving nearly every fish in the group with some level of scarring or disfigurement. This is probably the best F1 pair I will be able to make available until such time as I rear any more from the wild parents. These fish are siblings and should be at least 2 years old at this point in time; they have only recently been segregated from the group tank that housed them. In theory, with good conditioning they could probably be brought into spawning condition very quickly (maybe 6 months out), but I should note that they are only a compatible pair at this time. This pair should through 50/50 Lightning/White Stripe F2 offspring. They do not appear to be fully bonded, they simply share a 33 x-long holding tank and haven’t killed each other. They are direct offspring from the original foundation pair of wild PNG Maroons, the White Stripe male and the Lightning female, which started the entire captive population of Lightning Maroons in the world.

You can learn more about Lightning Maroons on our general offerings; this fish would be considered a “Standard Grade Lightning Maroon Clownfish” in terms of bar coverage.

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