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Amphiprion Mochavinci Clownfish, Compatible Pair, WYSIWYG 8-11-17


What we have here is a WYSIWYG offering – this is the exact pair of fish being offered for sale! They are still young, under 2″.

Mochavinci Clownfish are hybrid in origin, basically a Mocha Clown with the addition of the Davinci gene. Check our general Mochavinci Clownfish product page for more background information on this designer clownfish variety. Note that care wise, these fish are basically the same as any other Ocellaris-type clownfish.

This unique pair shares a breeder net without quarreling, but we feel it’s a bit premature to consider them a “bonded” or “mated” pair. They’re still young. But give it time, and this should turn out to be a great pair of fish. Interestingly, if this pairing follows the rules for the typical Davinci gene inheritance and expression, their offspring should yield 25% Mochas, 25% an unnamed “Wyoming White Mocha”, and 50% Mochavincis.

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