Amphiprion “Black Ocellaris” Clownfish, Proven Pair, WYSIWYG 2-12-16


This is a WYSIWYG listing – these are the exact fish you are purchasing.

A proven mated pair of “Black Ocellaris” Clownfish up for sale, broodstock from Doty Aquaculture. Both fish are fully barred, the male has an orange lower jaw, otherwise the fishes are jet black.  Given the the recent history of the Darwin Black “Ocellaris” in the trade, we cannot be sure that either fish is 100% pure and true “Darwin”, so they are listed simply as “Black Ocellaris”. In short, they produce “Black Ocellaris” looking fish, but I wouldn’t consider this a pair that has any conservation merit.

Doty has not been paying attention to the spawning routine of this pair as rearing efforts have been focused on other projects.  If we happen to notice them with a spawn, we’ll certainly get documentation of it and update here.

My guestimates on the size? The female is perhaps 3.5″, the male 2.5″?

As many of you probably already know, moving a pair of spawning fish can set them off for weeks, months, even longer. It is important to note that with the purchase of a proven pair of clownfish, all bets are off; we cannot guarantee that they’ll resume breeding or that they’ll even remain compatible following the move. If there is a DOA within this pair pair, 50% of the purchase price will be credited / refunded. Your purchase of a pair is your acknowledgement and acceptance of these additional terms.

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