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Amphiprion percula “Nebula” Percula Clownfish, A-Grade, WYSIWYG, 7-18-16


This is a WYSIWYG offering. This is the EXACT fish being offered.

Nebula Percula really hit the aquarium scene in late 2014. This line originated at the hands of Bali Aquarich, the results of breeding from a wild caught Percula Clownfish which showed extreme patterning including cloudy / smudgy markings unlike that seen in Picasso Percula.  This is a large adult fish, at a life stage where it probably could still be used as a male (so long as it’s placed with an even larger female), but will more easily make a female in a pairing with a smaller juvenile Amphiprion percula.  This fish has been on hand since June 1st, 2016.

Read more about the Nebula Percula below.

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