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Amphiprion “Black Ocellaris” Clownfish, WYSIWYG Pair, Scratch & Dent, 8-11-16


This is a WYSIWYG listing – these are the exact fish you are purchasing.  Photographs are from 3-18-16, so yes, almost 5 months prior to listing.

This Black Ocellaris pair has been together for years, and has been in our tanks for months. It came to MiniWaters by way of an aquarium being torn down. The pair has not been noticed to spawn in our care, so it is simply a considered a bonded / mated pair. Note that the male in the pair has a permanent chunk missing from the soft dorsal fin; this will not regrow.

Given their age, it is difficult to speculate as to their purity as true “Darwin Ocellaris”, but being older it is more likely than fish produced in the last couple years. They may have some potential as breeding fish; impossible to say until you work with them.

Given the myriad unknowns and the physical defect in one fish, this pair is priced accordingly.

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