Toxotes jaculatrix “Banded Archerfish”


This is your everyday common Archerfish, Toxotes jaculatrix, the Banded Archerfish. These fish are roughly 3-3.5″ in size, and live up to their reputation as more domineering archerfish. The dominant fish in the tank would be just as happy as a single fish.  So..if you want an archerfish but don’t want a large group of them, this offering might be just about perfect.  This is a species which may benefit from brackish water for long term care; it seems that a specific gravity of 1.005 is a “sweet spot” for this species, although other sources suggest they can do well in freshwater. I’ve found these to be very eager feeders unlike T. cf. microlepis (or are they T. cf. chartareus)…the Banded Archerfish we have on hand at the moment literally will eat anything, including pellets and flake foods!

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