Apteronotus albifrons “Black Ghost Knifefish”, Captive Bred


This is exceptionally cool – these are captive-bred Black Ghost Knifefish, Apteronotus albifrons, spawned and reared in captivity. For a fish that was already considered pretty hardy, these should be even easier!  Of course, it bears repeating that while these are small and incredibly cute (check out the image with a 5″ sponge filter for size comparison), they have the capacity to grow to 18-20″ in length, which necessitates an aquarium large enough that they can turn around (opinions vary, but I think just from a “turning around” standpoint, you need an aquarium at least 18″ front to back). These captive bred juveniles will eat everything, even flake, although they definitely prefer meaty foods. When first made available, they are sold at a small size, roughly 3-4″ inches in length. Medium (5-6″) or Larger fish are generally fish that have been grown out. Learn more below:

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