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Hemigrammus bleheri “Rummynose Tetra”


Hemigrammus bleheri, also known as the Firehead Tetra, is one of three species that can show up under the name Rummynose Tetra; the other two are Hemigrammus rhodostomus (the “real” Rummy-nose Tetra) and Petitella georgiae (the “false” Rummy-nose Tetra). H. bleheri is the most common of the three in the trade.  It’s a peaceful tetra with great schooling tendencies that attains a respectable size of roughly 1.5″. Great for planted tanks too.  Best kept in a group, not singly. This fish will definitely let you know whether it’s happy or not; if it’s pale or loses the red coloration in the face, it’s not happy. Either the surroundings or the water is off. We cannot guarantee these are H. bleheri, but it’s what they *should* be.

Why did I bother to offer a somewhat “common” fish? Well, I recently saw a planted tank with a shoal of them in top notch shape and said “I need to have some here”.  And now you can have them too!  Rummynose have a reputation for being touchy at first; the ones I have on offer at this time have been on hand for a couple months.

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