Hyphessobrycon columbianus “Colombian Tetra”


Hyphessobrycon columbianus is generally known as the Colombian Tetra, but it’s also been listed as the Red Colombian Tetra, Rainbow Colombian Tetra, Red and Blue Tetra, Red-Blue Columbian Tetra (yes, note that Colombia is the spelling of the country, not Columbia)! It is sometimes misallocated to the species Hyphessobrycon ecuadorensis. Somewhat a larger Tetra, they have become a staple offering in the trade. They have a mixed reputation, with some suggesting they’re more nippy or aggressive, while others suggesting they’re rather peaceful; plan accordingly. Establishing these fish in larger groups will probably go a long way towards focusing their attentions on each other, vs. tankmates. These are generally hardy, easy to keep fish. Since they originate from just one small river near the ocean, it’s safe to presume that most if not all specimens in the aquarium trade these days are the product of fish farming. The current fish being offered are large, adult size (not smalls!). Group discounts are available.

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