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Amphiprion ocellaris “Fancy White” Clownfish, Proven Pair, 4/24/19


The pictures are from 3 years ago, so technically not a 100% WYSIWYG listing – but these ARE the pair of fish offered for sale.

This proven pair is a long-standing pair from Doty Aquaculture, originating from Sustainable Aquatics lines of Fancy White clownfish, also known as Gladiators or Davincis. Many of our past Wyoming White, Fancy White, and Vivid Fancy clownfish were produced by this pair. Doty Aquaculture has since set up offspring pairings, and is working on the next generation of Fancy Whites and their siblings!

Doty Aquaculture reports that the pair is still producing routine, viable nests. As with all proven pairs of fish, there’s no guarantee that they will resume spawning after shipping to a new destination; this is particularly a problem with clownfish pairs.

The genetic spread of the offspring produced by these parents is as expected: 25% wild-types, aka. “Vivid Fancy”, 50% Fancy Whites of varying grades, and 25% Wyoming Whites.

We’ll add some more pictures or a video when we get them!

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