Amphiprion percula “Platinum”, Silver-Eye Platinum Perc Clownfish


At this point we all *should* know what a Platinum Percula Clownfish is, but have you ever heard of the Silver Eye Platinum Percula? I don’t have details on exactly what is going on with the Silver Eye Platinum, but I do know that they are a grade that can be sorted out of Platinum Perculas.  Silver Eye Platinum Percs stand apart with subtle difference; the iris of the eye surrounding the pupil is silver instead of the Percula’s traditional bright orange.

We know that Platinum appears to be the double-dose, homozygous form of the Picasso gene, P/P, in pure Amphiprion percula.  Single-dose fish are Picassos, P/+, and wild type +/+.  When you mate two Picasso Percula together, you get about 25% Platinums in the offspring.  What percentage of those can be “Silver Eyes” isn’t yet known to me, and I’m not even sure that simply any two Picassos will throw “silver eyes” when paired

Silver Eyed Platinum Perculas aren’t easy to come by, and I get charged a hefty price when asking for them. But they can be had, with some begging. Whether their silver-eyed trait is heritable is totally up in the air, but regardless of that, they represent a rare but known variation in the Platinum Percula.

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