Amphiprion ocellaris “Blaze Orange” Clownfish


I have to admit, I was a complete skeptic when I saw Sustainable Aquatics announce the “Blaze Orange” Clownfish. A. ocellaris “Blaze Orange” was touted as being substantially more brilliant and vibrant than the typical classic wild-type Ocellaris.  Supposedly this line all derives from a single smaller-than-normal pair of Ocellaris on the Sustainable Aquatics campus, and according to the retelling by Aquarium Outfitters in Georgia, this is the same pair that was also responsible for SA’s “color-changing” Ocellaris.

SA believes there could be a genetic component to the Blaze Orange; what that would be is a mystery at this point. One thing I’ve noticed in the juveniles is that unlike other Orange Ocellaris, the Blaze Orange appears to have minimal black, if any at all, in the first (spiny) dorsal fin. As they grow larger, they do develop the black margin, although it may be thinner and have harder, crisper margins and not bleed down into the spiny dorsal fin.

Blaze Orange Clownfish are not widely available at this time, but once I saw them in person, side by side, wow there is really a difference, and that supports the premium price they carry.  See the images below for side-by-side comparisons; even as small juveniles, the difference is notable. In person, it’s even more pronounced!

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