Amphiprion ocellaris “Fancy White Smudgy” Ocellaris Clownfish


SMUDGY Ocellaris Clownfish. Definitely something you’re not going to see just anywhere.

No one really knows what it is, but these days we all know what it looks like.  Cloudy, hazy patches of bar coloration over the flanks, generally areas that have lost the normal “black” margin and crisp border demarcation see in the bars of clownfish.

All the Smudgy I will offer at this time  are sold to me as “Fancy White Smudgy”, so that is how I will retail them. It is likely that the individual genetics of a Smudgy Ocellaris will only be proven once it is bred; if no Davinci-type offspring show up, then the fish doesn’t carry the gene.

About Our Standard Offerings of Smudgy Ocellaris Clownfish

Most Smudgy Ocellaris I’ve seen only show a smudge on one side of their body.  Generally, the other side of the body has wild-type, normally 3 stripe patterning.  If you are not content with sight-unseen fish, you may be better off checking for a WYSIWYG offering.

Read More about the Smudgy Ocellaris Clownfish, and the Fancy White Clownfish that they arise from, below:

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