Amphiprion percula “Aquarium Strain”


Percula Clownfish, Amphiprion percula, remains one of the most ideal clownfish species for captivity. They remain small and vibrant. Percula Clowns are more aggressive with each other than the Ocellaris (A. ocellaris); a little more care and patience is sometimes needed for pairing.

These days, there are so many different avenues for the production of Percula Clownfish; much of the designer clownfish breeding produces “wild type” Percula Clownfish, almost as a by-product of production. Misbarring is commonplace in A. percula; this is an environmentally-influence artifact of captivity, and is generally not thought to be genetic.

There are not shortages of sources for good ‘ole A. percula. Given this reality, this product on our website is reserved for simple “domesticated” aquarium strains of A. percula that could come from a myriad of sources which lack geographic provenance or otherwise are not traceable to wild. Feel free to ask for more information on the lineage of these fish; I will offer whatever I can. Other lines of A. percula, particularly lines that are traceable to wild or carrying geographic provenance, may be offered separately.

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