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Amphiprion bicinctus “Spotcinctus” Clownfish


The “Spotcinctus” is a genetic mutation which adds extra spots and dashes to the typical 2 white vertical stripes of the Red Sea or Two-banded Clownfish, Amphiprion bicinctus. First introduced by ORA in 2009, the Spotcinctus is probably responsible for keeping the Bicinctus Clownfish more popular than it otherwise might be within the trade. Breeding results of Spotcinctus X Spotcinctus suggest that the “Spotcinctus” mutation is restricted to a single dominant gene occurring on a single locus; further breeding data can confirm or revise this current point of view.

Spotcinctus vary greatly in terms of patterning.  Some may have only a single extra spot on one of their sides, while others can be wildly patterned. Some exhibit the pearl eye trait as well. Given the variable nature of the Spotcinctus patterning, please consider any “off the shelf” stock order will be a lower grade fish. That way, you can only be pleasantly surprised! That said, if you’re wanting something specific, then I’d encourage you to wait for a WYSIWYG offering, or otherwise talk with me before finalizing your order to ensure that your expectations will be met..

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