Amphiprion latifasciatus “Madagascar Clownfish”, Captive Bred


The Madagascar Clownfish, Amphiprion latifasciatus, has been an industry rarity for decades, with wild caught fish retailing for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This species is frequently confused with some of the Clark’s Clownfish varities (Amphiprion clarkii), Allard’s Clownfish (A. allardi) and others. Therefore, trusting your source when purchasing this species is important to ensure you get the right fish.

Captive Bred Madagascar Clownfish only became a reality late 2014, with first availability in summer 2015 through private breeder Ross DeAngelis. In the fall of 2015, Sustainable Aquatics introduced their own lines of captive-bred Madagascar Clownfish at a significantly lower price point than the availability through DeAngelis. Looking towards the next generation of breeding, maintaining the much rarer DeAngelis line, and using offspring from Sustainable Aquatic’s production for outcrossing, present a unique opportunity for this species to finally become an aquarium staple while also practicing solid genetic maintenance.

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