Amphiprion polymnus “Brown Saddleback” Clownfish, Captive Bred


The Brown variant of the Saddleback Clownfish, Amphiprion polymnus, was the first variety that was available to hobbyists and the one we think of as the classic saddleback. It is still often exported from the Philippines. Saddlebacks tend to be one of the larger clownfish species; they’re also one of the species that is more muck-oriented than reef-oriented.

Adults are visually stunning, highly contrasting specimens with beautiful white tips on the tail and an unmistakable saddleback midstripe. If you’re looking for a “different” looking clownfish without breaking the bank, this classic variety is one of those that you don’t often see in people’s reefs.  Yes, what’s old is new and different again!

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