Amphiprion ocellaris “Orange Ocellaris Clownfish”, Captive Bred


This is the classic orange Amphiprion ocellaris, also at times called things like “Nemo” or the older “False Percula Clownfish”. It remains a staple in the hobby, and between this and the related “True” Percula Clownfish (A. percula) and the Darwin Black Ocellaris (A. sp. “Darwin”), represents the closest thing we have to the saltwater guppy. Designer genetics and hybrids overshadow classic fish like this, yet, a wild-type ocellaris is a useful tool for breeders attempting to “suss out” the genetics of a designer fish they’re mated to.

Learn more about A. ocellaris, and the selectively-bred strains that now exist, in the description below.

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