Amphiprion Mochavinci Clownfish


What we have HERE is the Mochavinci Clownfish (sometimes also called a MochaVinci, Mochavinchi, or Mocha Davinci), another evolution beyond the base Mocha hybrid adding a designer gene into the mix. This was first done with the “Black Ice” hybrid, where breeders introduced the Snowflake Gene (Sf) over the base Mocha hybrid. Now, we have another new designer in the Mochavinci; the breeding adds the Davinci gene (DV) responsible for the unusual bar patterning of the Gladiator / Fancy White / Davinci clownfish.

The Mochavnci were are offering here were produced by breeding a Wyoming White with a phenotypical Black Ocellaris (no way of knowing the purity of the “Black” parent); we actually sold the parental pair off and won’t be producing any more, so unless we source these from another breeder down the line (and only then if people really show strong interest in them) this may be all we ever offer.

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