Amblygobius linki “Link’s Goby”, Captive-Bred


When it comes to working on a “zero impact” reef aquarium, certain livestock options can be hard to find. Case in point, sand-sifters are nearly non-existent. Biota Palau changed that with the introduction of the captive-bred Link’s Goby, Amblygobius linki. As juveniles, they are attractively horizontally-striped in black and white; as they mature their coloration becomes subtly more complex, with shades of red and brown entering the mix, particularly in the dorsal fin. They have a proven track record as effective sand-sifters, and should be a welcome addition to any aquarium.

Small fish are generally at the 1.25″ range; large fish have been grown out, and are approximately 2.5″ or larger.

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