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Elacatinus oceanops “Neon Goby”, Captive Bred


The Neon Goby, Elacatinus oceanops, is wonderful nano fish, and is readily recognized as excellent cleaner fishes that remove parasites and pests from other fishes. Thankfully, Neon Gobies are one of the easiest marine fishes to breed in captivity. They are naturally short-lived, so they pair up quickly and spawn fast. When I get the chance to offer captive-bred Neon Gobies at reasonable prices, I’m eager to do so. I can attempt to pick sexed pairs if requested; females are generally heavy set, with males being slim.  We’re able to keep several in larger tanks, but in a nano aquarium (10 gallons or less) I might suggest sticking with either a single, or a bonded pair, as non-paired fish can quarrel.

Generally speaking, even young captive-bred neon gobies are already “adults”, ranging between 1 and 2″ in size.

Read more below to learn why buying captive-bred Neon Gobies is the smarter choice, even if they’re going to cost more.

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