Poecilia reticulata “Japanese Blue Guppy”


Japanese Blue Guppies are unlike anything else out there.  They are lively, active, and shine a beautiful metallic baby blue!  They stand out from across the room.

There are rumors that they are a Guppy X Endler hybrid, although, in doing my online sleuthing it seems that notion has fallen out of favor. One of the most in-depth, and interesting investigations of the Japanese Blue Guppy, can be read on the Swordtail Guppy Blog. Still, an experiment in New Zealand recently documented the “recreation” of Japanese Blue Guppies through a Guppy X Endler hybridization. Clearly the jury is out.

These are domestic-bred, Wisconsin-bred, fancy guppies. As with any livebearer strain, there is some variation in the appearance, and since there is no “official standard” for any strain, it’s fair to say that if you’re looking for something very particular, best to ask for images. The line I offer has a mixture of tail forms. What you see here is representative of what we have to offer. Female Japanese Blues are nodescript…typical olive gray female guppies.

Japanese Blue Guppies are sold on a per-fish basis in whatever sex ratio is currently on hand, but you are welcome to make special requests regarding sexes and tail forms, which I may, or may not, accommodate. Currently, it is a roughly 2m/1f ratio.

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