Xiphophorus helleri hybrid “Showa / Sanke Koi Swordtail”


The Tricolor Koi Swordtail is an exceptional example of modern livebearer breeding. Consisting of white, red and black markings, the resemblance to a classic tricolor koi is unmistakable.

Tricolor Koi Swordtails are relatively new, and can be difficult to find. I have only limited access to them myself, now from two sources. “Sanke” Tricolor Swordtails are becoming available through Florida fish farms. The “Showa” tricolor line, Wisconsin-bred and raised, also remains decidedly smaller for a swordtail (unlike their XXXLG Jumbo Assorted Swordtails that they also produce!). As with any livebearer strain, there is some variation in the appearance, and since there is no “official standard” for any strain, it’s fair to say that if you’re looking for something very particular, best to ask for images.

If or when I get these, I may opt to offer them strictly in groups, possibly even as WYSIWYG items, owning to their expense and relative rarity.  Be sure to get on the waitlist if these are out of stock, because when they show up, you’re gonna want to react real fast before someone else gets them

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