Poecilia reticulata “Premium Assorted Guppy”


These are domestic-bred, Wisconsin-bred, fancy guppies.  Specifically, these are color and fin culls from show guppy breeding lines.  What does that mean?

Well, if you’re breeding Blue Deltas and a Scarftail or Lyretail shows up, it’s a fin cull. If a red, purple, green, or mottled form shows up? It’s a color cull.

So while being culls, what makes these extremely popular with our wholesale customers is their general good health and quality, along with the extreme diversity found in each batch. Small fish are generally young fish and will develop more as they grow, and there always seem to be some show-stopper huge females. I no way are the photos here conclusive looks at what you might get…truly, there could be hundreds of forms in a large batch.

Generally, these fish are sold in a 1:1 sex ratio.

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