Xiphophorus helleri hybrid “Assorted Swordtails”


When I offer Assorted Swordtails, it’s something to stop and take notice of. These are domestic strains, with possible hybrid backround, that we generally call Xiphophorus helleri. These Wisconsin-bred domestic livebearers are nothing short of fantastic when it comes to quality.  Sure, they are generally more expensive than what you see commonly offered up out of Florida, but the fact that I often have these sold out before they even arrive, speaks volumes.  Typically, when I offered Assorted Swordtails, they are sized at XXLG.  Think bodies the size of the mature Sailfin Mollies you used to see everywhere. Huge. As rough ballparks, XLG Swordtails are 3″ or greater as females, and the total length, including tail on a male, is at least 4″ but often 5″ or more.They are the largest swordtails I’ve ever personally seen offered with any sort of regularity.  If I offer them at other sizes,  well, the quality is still there, it just means they’re younger and I got a deal too good to pass up!

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