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Poecilia reticulata “Thai Platinum Mosaic Guppy”


These are domestic-bred, Wisconsin-bred, fancy guppies.  This strain, which they call “Thai Platinum Mosaic”, originated with Thai-bred fish. It is a standout, was my favorite the first time I ever saw it.  Females have lovely black and yellow caudal fins.

My breeder considers these particular fish to be top-grade offerings. Generally the fish are being offered young, and they carry a premium retail price point direct from the breeder.  The fact that I can now make these available to my wholesale and retail customers is truly a coup; the last time I asked, I was told these pairs would COST me $25 each! But times have changed, and I've convinced them to give it a shot and see if you, my customers, want what we can offer.  A reminder – the pricing here is for a 1m/1f pair.

As with any livebearer strain, there is some variation in the appearance, and since there is no “official standard” for any strain, it’s fair to say that if you’re looking for something very particular, best to ask for images. What you see here is representative of what we have to offer.

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