Poecilia wingei “Yellow Top Sword Endler”


Endler’s Livebearers, Poecilia wingei, have charged ahead in a way I never would have predicted. At first glance, they seem very reminiscent of the wild-type “feeder guppies” I used to pick through as a kid, looking for something special or unique. However, with the advent of nano aquariums gaining in popularity, small and “micro” fish have found a spotlight. Endlers are very small (males generally 0.75″), energetic and extremely vibrant in coloration, and they come in so many variations, both pure and guppy hybrids.

The Yellow Top Sword is simply a captive-produced true-breeding strain of Endler’s Livebearer. Females are generally unmarked ,simply being olive gray. As with all livebearer strains, there is some variability in coloration from fish to fish; looking at various strain photos online, these may in fact be of the “Mint Top Yellow Sword” strain, produced by Andrian Hernandez. Read more about Endlers, and their conservation concerns, below.

Endler’s are offered in various packages dependent on available sex ratios, and are sold in those sex ratios. The price listed is per single, pair, trio, so pay attention to the size / sex options.


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